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CEDRU is a technical consulting company that develops its activity in the domains of Territory, Economy, Society and Culture.

CEDRU’s pronounced institucional character is easily recognizable by its list of clients, such as the European Comission, National Defense Ministry, Port of Lisboa, IEFP, CP, Inatel, amongst many others. It was this exact character that CEDRU wanted to highlight in its website, and we took it as our starting point.

Institucional Website

CEDRU develops its activity around 7 intervention areas. We created a main page for each of these areas, where the area specifications and main projects are displayed. Given the large number of projects, only 6 projects are highlighted in each area. The rest of the projects are displayed on a timeline, grouped by year. The display of highlighted and grouped projects is made automatically, through a set of predefined fields.

Similar mechanisms were implemented in the Team, Partners and Clients pages. With this, CEDRU can autonomously add new contents, and rest assured that they will be displayed in the right place.

CEDRU institucional Website