Digital Azul

We had the privilege of watching the growth of Digital Azul, since its birth until it became one of the main production companies in Portugal.

We followed its digital transformation process and we were asked to participate in several of its aspects, such as the brand design, the development of its online equipment rental platform and its institucional website. Throughout the years we’ve collaborate in several projects, became their clients and forged a long term strategic partnership.

Institucional Website

One of the main challenges of Digital Azul’s website was to highlight each of its areas independently. To achieve that, we’ve created a set of templates that allow the backend users to create complex layouts in an autonomous and intuitive way.

This is one of the many cases where the website gets a life of its own after we transfer the management to the client’s hands. To be able to publish, edit and manage their own content, allows Digital Azul to intervein in its website in real time and to take full advantage of an online communication platform.

Digital Azul Institucional Website

Digital Azul Rental Website

Rental by Digital Azul

Digital Azul is one of the most innovating companies in Portugal, having the capability to reinvent itself and to quickly adapt to the new technologies, leading to a constant investment in new equipment. The need to make some of this equipment available online led to the development of an e-commerce platform.

We implemented an online store solution (WooCommerce) with some adaptations and custom development, since this kind of platform are made to sell products and not to rent them.


We designed Digital Azul’s logo about a decade ago, and each time we see it applied in a piece of equipment, a t-shirt or even online, we can’t help to feel proud on how it kept modern and up-to-date.

The separation between the logo and the lettering allowed to create a brand that it’s immediately recognizable, in and out of the company. The symbol and logo are present in every Digital Azul production, each piece of equipment, transportation box or company vehicle.

The constant presence of the brand contributed to make Digital Azul a reference in the audiovisual market, getting to potential clients and establishing the company as a reference of excellence.