Marina Parque das Nações

Marina Parque das Nações maintains a very active online presence, advertising its services and activities through its website and the social networks.

The several aspects of Marina Parque das Nações services and the need to keep a very tight communication channel with its target audience, were key factors in the development of its website. Besides providing an effective response to all the needs, this platform would have to allow a simple and intuitive use, to assure complete autonomy to the client to manage the website content.

Institucional Website

Given the vast diversity of services and activities of Marina Parque das Nações, usability was one of our main concerns. The complex architecture of information led to the implementation of a mega menu system, to allow sub-menu items to be shown side by side, a footer menu that doubles as a sitemap, and a lateral side menu on every page to simplify the navigation between pages.

Tourism areas around Parque das Nações we treated with special care, and we produced a set of photo sessions to capture its beauty.

We also implemented an e-commerce solution, where Marina Parque das Nações displays its products to sell online.

Marina Parque das Nações institucional Website

Photo Gallery

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