Promontório de Sagres

A reference landmark in the portuguese geography and history, Promontório de Sagres presents itself as a destination to thousands of visitors coming from all around the world.

The constant flow of people who visit Promontório de Sagres on a daily basis, to get to know this mythical place, made Direção Geral de Cultura do Algarve feel the need to innovate the way it shares information on their digital channels and on the terrain.

Institucional Website

The Promontório de Sagres institucional website features all the necessary information for those who want to visit this monument or want to know a bit more about its history.

The website features 3 languagens, taking into account the large number of foreign visitors, and has a mobile-first approach to assure the best possible experience to those who access it on a mobile device, as it happens with most visiting tourists.

Besides the website, a App was developed to allow onsite visitors to obtain information about each featured location on Promontório de Sagres, through a network of Beacons.

Promontório de Sagres institucional Website