Rework is a platform that allows users to post positions and to search for temporary job opportunities, meeting the latest job market tendencies.

The major challenge was to develop a website that would present the Rework platform and all its advantages to its target audience in the simplest possible way. As an additional challenge, we had a deadline of only one week to develop the website, so it could be presented in the Lisbon Web Summit of 2018.

Rework Website

Rework’s layout is a reflex of our main concern in this project: the balance between a target audience consited by common people looking for a temporary job and a state-of-the-art technological platform, leaning towards a new paradigm in employability.

This was, in fact, the only direction we had to start with, having total creative freedom to create the website layout. Given the simplicity of the platform, we dediced to build a vertical mono-page layout, where the platform features are explained step by step, adding specific pages for users who post positions and the ones looking for jobs.

Rework Website